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Trans Lifeline Blog

Reason for Hope


Dear Ones,

It’s been another rough week in the news, and we know each new headline can feel like another reason to lose faith. But, tonight, we at Trans Lifeline want to remind you that there is still reason for hope. While the danger we face is real, it’s not the only thing that’s real.

As so many institutions fail our communities,...

Microgrants Program Celebrates $100k in Disbursed Funds


Dear Community,

As we welcome you to our new website, one that reflects the merging of two lifesaving projects into one exciting new vision, we would also like to welcome those who have not heard of our work! Microgrants is a project of Trans Lifeline, founded by and for the community. While our Hotline is working every day to support the...

Why No Non-Consensual Active Rescue?


“Are you going to call someone on me if I tell you how I’m feeling?”

That is of the most common questions we get from callers. And one of the most common questions we get from people who work in crisis intervention and the general public, is why our answer is generally no. We will only call authorities in three circumstances:...

Trans Lifeline Has New Leadership!


At Trans Lifeline, we believe in a brighter future for trans people.

We believe in a future where trans people have the support they need and the access to resources they deserve. As an organization, we understand that we can’t make this future a reality without talented people working with and alongside us.

And we are thrilled to announce that, after months...