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Matching Grant in honor of Emma Deboncoeur

Commemorative Artwork by Cristy C. Road

At Trans Lifeline, we believe in the undeniable power of community care.

We know that when someone from our community needs support, the best we can offer comes from someone who has experienced firsthand some of what they’re going through.

Emma Deboncoeur, a beloved member of our trans community who passed away earlier this year, dreamed of opening a clinic where those who are marginalized by the healthcare system - trans people, sex workers, drug users, and more - could access the treatment they needed without judgment. Her dedication to compassionate service has become an inspiring legacy, and her loss has been deeply felt.


This summer, Emma’s father approached us and offered to match individual donations to Trans Lifeline in her honor. We are proud to say that we have reached our goal of $10,000 in less than two weeks.


We’re proud of the work every one of those dollars will support: our Hotline has already taken over 52,000 calls from trans people in crisis, and our Microgrants program has distributed $152,526 to members of our community who need it. And we’re just getting started.


We know that the work of creating systems of care for our community and by our community is work that is ongoing. If you have supported our work in any way - with time, donations, spreading the word, in so many more ways than we can count - thank you. It’s because of you that our organization carries on.


And, as always, if you need someone to talk to, please call us.


With hope and gratitude,

Elena Rose Vera

Deputy Executive Director