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The Hotline: 877-565-8860

Trans Lifeline Microgrants

Total Funds Disbursed To Date

At Trans Lifeline Microgrants, we see, support, and welcome all varied gender identities and experiences. Where historically and socially many identities are excluded from the trans spectrum, our organization embraces and elevates them, recognizing that each of us share a very unique experience with gender. If you aren’t cisgender, you are eligible and encouraged to apply for our services.  

Our application limit has been reached for the month of October. Please note we are unable to offer Microgrants to Canadian citizens living in Canada at this time. Thank you for your patience.

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The Trans Lifeline Microgrants program can help you change your legal name and update your government identification documents. Our advocates will guide you through the process and paperwork, and then we’ll cut you a check for the entire cost.

  • Passport
  • Driver's License and State ID
  • Court Order Name Change
  • Immigration Documents
  • Tribal IDs

At this time we are not able to offer financial assistance for:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Medical needs or procedures
  • Housing

We work with our recipients to determine what documents they want, and offer support  determining what the fees are and sending paperwork and further info if requested.

Microgrants provides people the money they need for those fees, and do not require paperwork in return from our clients.

Microgrants was founded in November 2016 as a separate organization, the Trans Assistance Project. It merged with Trans Lifeline in 2017. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail [email protected]